Sam Chan


Hi! I'm Sam Chan, and I'm an animator for Pixar!

Not really, but I so wish I were.

Anyway, I'm actually an illustrator and a web designer. I'm currently studying in Ateneo de Manila University, double majoring in Information Design and Management Information Systems.

In the past three years, I've worked on several projects for print design, web design and development, and branding. Recently, I've had wonderful opportunities to collaborate with people from disciplines other than my own, during which I managed to contribute in terms of critical thinking, writing and design.

My first and one true love will always be illustration and storyboarding. However, front-end web development is yet another love interest of mine, which I also intend to pursue wholeheartedly.

My style is heavily influenced by the aesthetics found in anime and manga, as well as western comics and cartoons. My perfectionism and outspokenness are reflected in the strong, clean outlines found in my traditional illustrations. My subjects are often whimsical or toon-like in nature, as a reflection of my inner child.

As far as art styles go, my favorites are pop art, maximalism, neosurrealism and hyperrealism. Though I can adapt a variety of styles however, as a perfectionist and a pacifist, I'm naturally inclined towards balance and subtlety. Thus, I find it extremely difficult come up with unusually colorful, edgy-looking or asymmetrical designs.

Coupled with critical thinking, knowledge and eloquence, my perfectionism has driven me to constantly dish out the best work that I can, and raising the bar every single time. While I may not be naturally talented at color schemes, patterns and depth, my determination to overcome those weaknesses have enabled me to improve my strengths rapidly over the past year.

Presently, my works are often accentuated by illustrative elements, most of which I create myself. Still, I look forward to furthering my knowledge and abilities in terms of design (particularly in web design and human computer interaction) as well as sharpening my illustration skills.

Also, I look forward to working on more interdisciplinary projects where I get to work with other people. Nothing thrills me more than a fresh new idea and a team with enough determination and energy to see it through to fruition.

Even though I'm working on a lot of collaborative projects and learning about web and app development, somewhere down the road, I really do plan on taking up animation seriously. I really wasn't kidding about Pixar.